At Priority U Sports Performance, community isn’t just a buzzword—it’s part of our foundational philosophy. Our collaborations with local schools and non-profit organizations are a testament to our commitment to uplifting others and giving back to the community. It’s in the collective effort that we truly find strength, ultimately resulting in stronger athletes, lasting bonds, and a better future for all involved.


Daylon’s heart for service goes beyond the bounds of the athletic world. He has consistently shown a dedication to serving those less fortunate, partnering with non-profits and participating in various volunteer endeavors. His commitment to volunteer work exemplifies his belief in the power of hands-on, direct service. His passion is evident not just on the field, but in his ongoing efforts to make a positive impact in the broader community.
Director Of Nonprofit – Diversity In Coaching and Education, ICF
Volunteer – St. Joseph Diner
Board Member & Volunteer – Godlink


Daylon’s dedication to fostering athletic excellence extends deep into our local educational institutions. Through close affiliations with local schools, he’s committed to molding the next generation of athletes, ensuring they’re equipped with the tools and techniques to compete at their highest ability. By training, mentoring, and supporting these young talents, he’s cementing a brighter future for local athletes.
Breaux Bridge High School
Sacred Heart High School
Crowley High School


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